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Correctional Education

Countdown to GED 2014

Holiday Book Recording Project Sponsored by CEEAS

Holiday Book Recording Project. The Holiday Book Recording Project provides an opportunity for students to send a recording of themselves reading a holiday book aloud to a young child—maybe their own child, a younger sibling at home, or children at a nearby daycare center.

Holiday Card Exchange for Incarcerated Sudents Sponsored by CEEAS

Holiday Card Exchange. The Holiday Card Exchange is a one-day project in which students learn about holiday customs and celebrations worldwide, and then create cards that incorporate a variety of cultural perspectives. Participants engage in a card exchange with students at another school.

Center for Educational Excellence in Secure Settings November Newsletter

Hello All,

Here's a link to David Domenici's wonderful Center for Educational Excellence in Secure Settings (CEEAS) November Newsletter.  It's quite inspiring and informative.  Of particular note are the reports from the eleven consortium states partnering with CEEAS to improve educational opportunities for incarcerated juvenile students.

The Inmate and the Entrepreneur

Hello All,

Check out this amazing program currently running out of San Quentin and set to expand to other areas in California.  has anyone had experience with this sort of program? 

Center for American Progress Blog -- Why Economic Disadvantage Becomes Educational Disadvantage  While this article focuses on issues of race and poverty, these issues are very much related to the population of students correctional educators come into contact with every day.  Sam Fulwood calls attention to the fact that poor high school students don't receive the information they need in order to navigate the financial aid

Is Starting College and Not Finishing Really That Bad?

The article, and link, below are new from ED's Weekly Newsletter.  Very interesting.  Most correctional education research supports the idea that exposure to ANY post-secondary coursework lowers recidivism rates.  Thoughts? 

Tablet Technology in Correctional Education

Hello All,  The Correctional Education Association (CEA) is working alongside Union Supply Group to roll out its secure tablet for use in correctional education classrooms.  I'm part of the team identifying relevant educational content for use in the facilities and thought I'd ask for imput on what you, as educators and administrators in this setting, would deem most necessary and important for such a device.  The tablet is fairly small, only 32GB, which means that we have to pick and choose which resources make it on and will be offering a menu of possible materials grouped by subject.  We

LA Times Article Highlighting the New Freedom Schools for Juveniles in Los Angeles

LA County is doing some wonderfully innovative work in their juvenile centers and jails:                                          The constructions labs and morning routines are being examined for use in other facilities -- both juvenile and adult -- as well.                                                                                                                        Hope everyone is enjoying their


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