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Correctional Education

College and Career Standards Group -- Standards Professional Development Discussion

Hello Members,  There is a very interesting discussion going on in the College and Career Standards group regarding Standards professional development.  Educators from several states, including Delaware and West Virginia, have offered examples of how they have participated in Standards focused PD over the summer.  Please feel free to take a look in the College and Career Standards group -- the discussion is titled Standards Professional Development.  I've noticed in speaking with Correctional Educators that there is not as much corrections specific PD available.  Do you participate in works

More Interest in Correctional Ed from Big Publishers

Hello Members.  I've noticed recently that several of the "Big Publishers", namely Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Pearson, have created new strategic marketing initiatives within their publishing houses. Each of these publishers, and a couple others, have assigned specific representatives and resources within their structure to pursue and define the needs of correctional educators around the country.  Has anyone experienced an increased presence of some of the big publishing houses within State meetings or at your particular facility? It's a good trend, in my opinion.

Correctional Education Association Annual Conference Begins Next Week

The Annual Correctional Education Association (CEA) Conference -- Lighting the Path to Reentry -- begins Sunday, June 30 and runs through July 3, in Cleveland, Ohio.  Please join us to exchange information, make contacts and learn what's new in correctional education.  Highlights include GED Teacher Training and the CEA-endorsed Union Supply prison safe tablet.  Participants can register on-site.  Visit or email for more informati

Need for Off-Line Education and PD Resources?

Hello Members.   I've been working with professionals -- both educators and adminstrators -- to fill in some of the PD and other resource blanks for correctional educators and would like to extend a question to the group.  Do you find that the internet security -- lack of access in classrooms, or limited access in offices -- in your facilities handicaps your ability to take advantage of on-line opportunities for Professional Development?  I have received enough feedback to know that the lack of access definitely limits resouce accessibility regarding learning materials for distribution in t

The ACP-SC Webcast Series Presents: Adult Career Pathways in Correctional Education and Re-entry Programs

The ACP-SC Webcast Series Presents: Adult Career Pathways in Correctional Education and Re-entry Programs

2:15 PM - 3:15 PM EDT

Upcoming CEA Annual Conference in Cleveland

Hello Members,  CEA's Annual Summer Conference is fast approaching.  This year's event will take place in Cleveland, Ohio and has many wonderful activities planned.  Please see CEA's website for conference information --  One of the main events of this year 's conference is the launch of the CEA prison safe off-line tablet.  I'd be very  interested to know what you, as educators, think wou ld be the best and most helpful content for a secure tablet.  In what ways would you use such a devise

Reach Out to ABE Professionals in Your State and Region

Hello Members,  I just returned from St.

Please Check Out Upcoming CEA Conferences

Hello All,

This is Conference Season and there are lots of offerings available from the Correctional Education Association (CEA) and others!  If you have time to make inquiries there are even some scholarships available to help with expenses.  The following are upcoming CEA events and contact information.  Please feel free to submit any other regional or relevant conference that are on your radar.


CEA Upcoming Events

Vera Institute Correctional Education Discussion

Hello All,

I just returned from a wonderful gathering of professionals and policy-makers in the field of correctional education hosted by the Vera Institute in order to discuss how we as a professional community can better serve correctional education students.  The discussion grew from a previous ED summit held last Fall which began this important discussion.  Throughout the day we talked about many varied subjects within the field. What I'd like to do is share with the group a few topics at a time and ask for your feedback.

Save the Date: April 10 Webinar: Contributions of Community Colleges to Successful Reentry

 2013 Community College Webinar Series: Contributions of Community Colleges to Successful Reentry: April 10, 2013


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