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Correctional Education

Contributions of Community Colleges to Successful Reentry - April 10 Webinar

2013 Community College Webinar Series: Contributions of Community Colleges to Successful Reentry: April 10, 2013

National Online Certificate Course in Reentry

Hello Members,

The Prisoner Reentry Institute offers an online certificate in Reentry for educators who work closely with offenders nearing their release date:

Correctional Education Association Director's Forum

Correctional Education Resources

Job Opportunities in Correctional Education

Hello Members.

Please use this discussion thread to post job announcements that would be relevant to Correctional Education by commenting to this thread. This will help us keep the job announcements all in one easy location for reference.  Those members who select to receive email notifications for immediate or digest messages will receive an email about your job posting. Thank you!

Education Tools Currently in Use in Facilities

Hello All,

I hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday Season and is staying happy and healthy.

This discussion is more of a survey post.  I'm wondering what tools and technology the majority of Corrections Ed Instructors are currently using in their day to day classroom activities.  Do you have a go-to system of materials for each course taught, or do you use software and systems supplied by your DOC?  What sorts of tools would be on your dream list to make yours and your students' learning better, faster, stronger?

Getting Past Go -- Opportunity to "Move the Needle on Developmental Education Reform"

Hello Members.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Break.  I've just come across a post from a fellow SME regarding the below opportunity to discuss Developmental Education Innovations from an organization called Getting Past Go.  I'm a bit slow getting the information out to you, submission of information began yesterday, but it looks like an interesting and worthwhile discussion if any of you would like to explore further.


It's Never Too Late to Learn -- on the ED blog

Hello and Welcome, Heather! We are so delighted to have you join the group as a SME!

I wanted to let the group know that a new blog has been posted on the blog about Assistant Secretary Brenda Dann-Messier's trip to a correctional facility in Iowa.  It's great to have strong partners in the Department helping elevate the issues around correctional ed and reentry.






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