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Special Discussion contd. - Incorporating Financial Literacy in Career and Counseling Services (Feb 7 - 11)

Talking about money and discussing finances and money management behavior is considered a taboo subject or even rude. Money and finance related myths and misconceptions abound. Sound financial education and incorporating financial literacy in education programs seems like an excellent strategy to get this crucial conversation started.

Talking about financial resources, habits, and other money management topics in a one-on-one environment provides a safe and comfortable space to connect,  and talk through financial questions, hurdles, and plan for solutions. 

(WEBINAR) Supporting Student Success: Supporting the Whole Student

On May 9, 2017, from 2-3 p.m. (EST), the U.S. Department of Education’s Supporting Student Success project team will host a webinar titled Supporting Student Success: Supporting the Whole Student. The one-hour webinar will provide promising practices in adult education and developmental education programming which leads towards greater student success and completion.

Re-Visioning Instruction and Support at Community Colleges to Support the Whole Student

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) is committed to supporting community college students and, in turn, strengthening the coordination and alignment between adult education and developmental education programs at community college campuses to better prepare students for the 21st century job market. 

New resource - Aspirations Toolkit

The Aspirations Toolkit is a set of counseling and instructional practices and tools contributed by adult educators around the country. Contributors implement these lessons and activities with adult learners in various class types (e.g. ESOL or GED) and at a range of skill levels to foster aspirations, goal setting habits and to inspire them to begin planning for next steps along their education and career pathway.

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