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critical thinking

Free online debate platform

Hello colleagues, These days, many teachers are looking for effective ways to engage learners remotely. I recently learned about a free site that is designed to support students to engage in discussion and debate.  

Enhancing Learner Critical Thinking Through Social Media: Questions, thoughts and ideas (#FLALITCON)​

The Open Books Open Minds Florida Literacy Conference #FLALITCON hosted a LINCS session on Enhancing Learner Critical Thinking Through Social Media - Numeracy and Digital Literacy Instructional Strategies on May 2, 2019.

Professor Jim Lemoine: How lying to my students helps them to ...

Hello colleagues, I was totally fascinated by a blog I came across recently by Jim Lemoine, Assistant Professor of Organization and Human Resources Department at the University of Buffalo School of Management. Professor Lemoine announces to his college students on day one that he is going to tell them a lie sometime during the semester.

Lemoine explains, "I lie to my students on purpose. I have been doing this for many semesters and, as a result, my conversations with my students, and their debates with each other, have become more respectful and educational."

Contextualized Instruction: What topics/themes are of interest to adult English learners?

Hello colleagues, I've been at COABE this week, and I attended a great workshop on contextualized instruction in ESL. I'll share a bit more about the session in my next message.

Lessons on Critical Thinking & "Fake News"

Hello colleagues, There is much discussion these days about fake information in the media.We have explored this issue and shared numerous helpful resources in the College and Career Standards community.

Some people say we shouldn't use the term "fake news" because so-called "fake news" is not news! Point well taken!

Projects that Integrate Technology and Critical Thinking

Hello colleagues, The College and Career Standards explicitly and thoroughly integrate technology skills and critical thinking. We've discussed previously the value of addressing these aspects of the standards through engaging learners in projects that require critical thinking as well as the use of technology in creative ways.

Using Quotes about Critical Thinking for Standards-Based Lesson

Hello Colleagues,  Pro/ has many high quality, standards-based instructional materials and lesson plans. Some members might be interested in this lesson on using quotes about critical thinking.

Here's the first step  "Randomly assign each student one of the quotes from's collection of quotes about critical thinking. Post the quotes physically around the classroom or electronically (e.g., using VoiceThread, a social media site, or a class wiki)." 

Critical Thinking Activities & Free Resource

Hello Colleagues, The College and Career Standards are designed to engage all students in higher-order thinking. I recently came across a posting "Ten Great Critical Thinking Activities that Engage Your Students," on the Global Digital Citizen website. Some of these activities were familiar to me, such as K-W-L, Think-Pair-Share and Readers Theater, but others were new, e.g., Big Paper -- Building a Silent Conversation.

Promoting Higher-Order Thinking

Hello colleagues, The College and Career standards are designed to support students to enhance their critical thinking skills as indicated in Webb's Depth of Knowledge (DOK). This Edutopia article by Gerald Aungst, which focuses on Webb's DOK, highlights some practical techniques for increasing the rigor of instruction.

What stands out to you in this article? Are there questions that are raised for you?

Providing Feedback while Avoiding a Judgmental Atmosphere

Hello colleagues, Yesterday we got about a foot of snow in my part of Pennsylvania,and today it's so beautiful and sunny! I actually love shoveling snow on such a day!


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