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The state of Micro-credentials (aka digital badges) in adult education


In a bulletin today in the Career Pathways group, moderator Michael Cruse pointed out that:

"The authors of Training for Jobs for the Future focus on three promising approaches to certifying skills:

1. A “verified resume”*** chronicling a worker’s skills through the endorsements of past employers and educators.

2. Increased reliance on competency-based education that measures skills rather than seat time.

Blockchain technology and Micro-credentials (aka Digital Badges)

Integrating Technology Colleagues,

Have you heard of blockchain technology? If so, it's most likely in connection with an online currency called Bitcoin. However, blockhain technology has other applications, including for authenticating, recording tracking and sharing a record of attainment of micro-credentials, also known as digital badges.

(Special Topic This Week!) Online Portfolios & Micro-credentials in Adult Education

Event Title: Micro-credentials and Online Portfolios

Event Type: Online Discussion

Event Location: LINCS Technology and Learning group

Date(s): July 13-17, 2015

Greetings, members!

Join us this morning for the Micro-credentials and Online Portfolios online discussion in the Technology and Learning group.

[Attention]: LINCS Explores Digital Badges in Adult Education, Next Week!

Event Title: Micro-credentials and Online Portfolios

Event Type: Online Discussion

Date(s): July 13-17, 2015

Next Monday, from July 13-17, 2015, join us in the LINCS Technology and Learning group for a special Micro-credentials and Online Portfolios online discussion. This online discussion will focus on:

Upcoming Discussion on Micro-credentials and Online Portfolios


Beginning July 13th, 2015 the LINCS Technology and Learning community of practice will host a discussion on Online Portfolios and Micro-credentials (also referred to as digital badges). The discussion will be cross-posted in the Program Management and Career Pathways communities. Special guests will discuss examples of digital badges and other micro-credentials, as well as online adult education portfolios.

Guests include:

Share Your Knowledge! Online Portfolios & Micro-credentials Discussion in 2 Weeks!

Event Title: Micro-credentials and Online Portfolios

Event Type: Online Discussion

Date(s): July 13-17, 2015

Greetings, Community Members!

Online learning portfolios

T & L Colleagues,

I am interested in your thoughts about online learning portfolios (e-portfolios) and digital credentials - sometimes referred to as micro-credentials or digital badges.  Are you familiar with these? If you are, what do you know about them, and what else would you like to know?  Do you know programs that are using these tools with learners? 

If you haven't heard of either e-portfolios or digital credentials, are you interested in learning about how they can be used?

I look forward to seeing your replies.

David J. Rosen

Introduction to Digital Badges for Adult Basic Education


I have posted a new blog article on Digital Badges and Adult Basic Education that is both an introduction to digital badges and also lists some examples of how it is being used in adult basic education.

Please take a look and let me know if I have missed something that I might add to the article in the future.

Digital badges for adult learners or for professional development?


It has been nearly nine months since the discussion in the LINCS Technology CoP about digital badges. I am wondering if adult basic education (including ESOL/ESL) programs or schools, state level adult education units, professional developers, private not-for-profit or for-profit organizations, postsecondary education institutions, job training programs or others have developed digital badges for adult learners or their teachers. If so, I would love to hear about them here or, if you prefer, email me.

David J. Rosen

Infographic: The Gamification of Education

Hi all,

A few months ago we had a guest discussion on digital badges in adult education.  Digital badges are often included in a broader concept called gamification.  I just came across this interesting infographic on gamification and wanted to share it to see if you all have any thoughts on how you think this fits with adult education.  


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