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digital divide

Tablets Pose Challenges for Online Test Takers, Studies Finding


Robert Wessel posted this to the Technology and Learning CoP, but I thought it might be of interest to this group too.

An article that found its way into my in-box that is just as relevant to adult ed as it is to K-12:

How is your City or Town Addressing Digital Equity?


The digital divide may have narrowed in the U.S. but there is still a gap. How is your city or town addressing this gap, or has it already achieved digital equity?

Teaching Tutors/Teachers about Digital Literacy

I was preparing to deliver a LINCS "Reboot Your Digital Strategy" Training via webinar and came across this LOVELY online training module from Wales:

New York Public Library’s new Library HotSpot program

decreasing the digital divide - NYC to provide free Broadband Wifi access

As I present to adult educators in the field, I am still surprised at how many AE teacher haven't yet heard about EveryoneOn and the ability to find lower priced (or free) internet access, cell phones, and computers for our adult education folks (teachers AND learners!). Everyone, everyone needs to help spread the word!

If you know of a great 'EveryoneOn' access story please reply and share - word of mouth is one of the MOST powerful marketing tools!

7 Strategies To Support Students Who Can’t Afford Technology

Another interesting article--this time on helping students get access to technology.  They don't mention but they do have some interesting ideas.  

7 Strategies To Support Students Who Can’t Afford Technology

Is this a challenge for programs and students in your area?  Have you tried any other strategies?

Closing the Digital Learning Gap

Hi all,

Below please see a blog post by Karen Cator on Closing the Digital Learning Gap on the Digital Promise website.  Karen makes the argument that there are many gaps in education equity and that technology could help to close that gap.  What do you think?

Everyone on?

Hi all,

I posted about Everyone On after the COABE Conference, but World Ed just sent out a reminder about it so I wanted pass that a long.  

Bridging the Digital Divide in the classroom

As the Technology Coordinator for our rural adult education program, I am trying to find information to share with our instructors which will convince them that integration of technology is crucial to the learning styles of today's learner. Are there any good articles I can share or an online professional development program I can implement to help our teachers make an automatic connection to online resources that will help our teachers understand the need to bridge the digital divide?

Pew Research Internet Project: Older Adults and Technology

Hi all,

Pew Research Internet Project has put out a study on how older adults use technology. You can see the full report at this link

The report starts off


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