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American Foundation for the Blind Leadership Conference 2014

  • Date: 
    Thursday, February 27, 2014 (All day) to Saturday, March 1, 2014 (All day)
    New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge

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Video: Disability USA

Hi group members,

Testing Accommodations


What testing accomodations does your state provide?

What testing accomodations do you provide everyday in your classroom?

What accomodations do you most often see?

Join this conversation to answer these questions or to get the answers, your participation is key!

Transition Services for Students with Disabilities

Hi Community -

I am interested in youth transition and the kinds of services and supports that can be provided to youth while they are in middle and high school to facilitate their interest in career paths and adult education. I am interested in learning about the relationships between adult education and transition professionals in K12 settings. Also, I would love to learn about any suggestions you have regarding particular programs and practices that support student’s success in adult and career-related programs.


Universal Design in the Workplace


Hi group members,

I posted a resource in the Disabilities Group that Donna Brian thought might interest you.

Tags: Disabilities, UDL

Self-Determined Learning for People with Disabilities

Hello group members,

In the disability community, self-determination refers to individuals with disabilities, including persons with intellectual disabilities, having the same right to self-determination as all people, that is, to have the freedom, authority, and support to exercise control over their lives.

Here are two interesting things for those interested in self-determination:

Universal Design in the Workplace Video from Arlington/Alexandria VA WIB

Universal Design in the Workplace:  How to better serve all employees, including persons with Disabilities

Virginia's Disability and Employment Initiaitive (DEI) Project" - Arlington/Alexandria Workforce Investment Board's Video on "Universal Design in the Workplace"

Disabilities Employment Initiative (DEI) Best Practices Webinar

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month!  In the President's proclamation,he said that during the month, "we recognize the indispensable contributions people with disabilities make in our economy and recommit to building a country where each of us can realize the full extent of our dreams."

Important! What Topics Interest You?

Hi group members,

The overall topic of "Disabilities in Adult Education" is an all encompassing one.  I am interested in the specific subject areas under that umbrella that users are most interested in.  Please...... add your comment to this discussion thread by telling us what specific area(s) most interest you.

Thanks to all that join in,

Rochelle Kenyon, Subject Area Expert


Welcome and Introduction to the new Disabilities in Adult Education group

Hi to all,

Welcome to the new Disabilities in Adult Education group!  I will be your Subject Matter Expert for this group. You can find out more about me by clicking on my picture and looking under 'profile.'

Please review the Code of Conduct for this new community before beginning.  It can be found in the blue section at the bottom of each page, and is marked "User Code of Conduct."

Next, please respond to this discussion strand by introducing yourself.  Tell us what your objectives/interests are for joining this specific group.


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