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Teaching with a Disability & Teaching about Disability - COABE conference presentation Tuesday, 02 April

I would like to invite anyone interested in disability or who has a disability to join the discussion tomorrow for a presentation. I am hoping to start connecting disabled adult education teachers and see how our fellow teachers navigate disability. This is the blurb. If you aren't able to make it, that's no problem. Hopefully within the week of the conference I will put up the presentation. Thanks!


Primary Presenter: Lei Lani Michel, Delgado Adult Education Co-Presenter(s): William McGee, Jr.

Professional Development,

CrowdED Learning Accessibility Resources

The resources included in this document are continuously being compiled and added based on new finds and suggestions.  You are encouraged to copy to your Google Drive or export to Word or PDF.

Welcome to the LINCS Panel Discussion on the Impact of the Opioid Epidemic on Adult Education

Welcome to the first day of our two-day discussion on the impact of the opioid epidemic on adult education. We’re fortunate to be joined by long-time adult educator, Paul Jurmo, Ed.D., family & preventive medicine physician, Richard Bruno, M.D., and corrections specialist, Jeffrey Abramowitz, J.D. in examining the issues impacting our learners, families, and programs.

Adult Education program coordinator with cerebral palsy speaks about disability & teaching

Hi. This is the first time I've posted on the LINCS discussion, but I wanted to share a video. 

The River Parishes Community College Adult Education program coordinator in Reserve, Louisiana, is Mr. William McGee, Jr. He's been working as an adult ed instructor for over 20 years and is an inspiration to students. 

Disclosure under WIOA: What Can I Ask?

Hello, LINCS Community Members-

A member sent me the following comment and question.  In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (ADEAM), I'd like to hear how your program addresses the issue of disability identification with your learners.  

COABE: “Are We on the Brink of Something Big?”

COABE’s most recent journal includes an article by Johan Uvin, now the president of the Institute of Educational Leadership, entitled, “Are We on the Brink of Something Big?  Reflections on the Current and Future State of Career Pathways Policy and Practice”.  In the piece, Uvin addresses some of the current challenges facing career pathways’ promise of providing greater equity and opportunity for all Americans.  He notes the following; bold text below is added.

Access Explore VR’s New Job-Driven Toolkit

People with disabilities often face barriers to employment, due to employer biases, attitudes about disability, perceived level of skill, employability skills, and misinformation. Paid work experiences, such as internships, pre-apprenticeships, and apprenticeships, are effective "earn to learn" models for training skilled workers, including those with disabilities.

Labor Announces $20 Million to Help Injured American Stay on the Job

The Department of Labor (DOL) has announced the availability of $20 million in grants to help Americans who are injured or ill remain in or return to the workforce. The grants are intended to identify new, replicable strategies to help individuals with a work-related disability stay on the job.

Medicaid and Work Requirements: Where does Adult Education Fit?

Several states have submitted proposals for Medicaid waivers to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that include work requirements. While work requirements are new to healthcare, other programs, like TANF, have experience with implementing work requirements.


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