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distance learning

Support Services For Online Learners to Build Retention and Student Success

As distance learning (DL) becomes a more popular and accessible mode of educating students, adult education programs are seeking innovative ways to support and engage their DL students and create modes of accessibility for students in rural or outlying adult education programs. Some DL concepts also include strategies and options for providing online support services.

Questions to the Field: Integrating OER and Free Resources in Adult Education

Last month at a meeting with distance learning adult educators from around the country, I had the opportunity to present on OER integration and share CrowdED Learning’s SkillBlox initiative. My copresenter from Pennsylvania walked through the evolution they have gone through with their GED distance learning program, and how that led to a model strategy for integrating free and open education resources into their curriculum.

Questions about Distance Learning

Thanks Ginette for introducing yourself.

You asked some great questions to which I hope you get many responses. You wrote: "I am interested in learning how others have been incorporating technology into and outside of their classrooms to support distance learning.  Do you feel that adding technology components outside of the classroom or face-to-face time supports learner academic progress?  If so, how? "

Preparing Teachers to Teach Online

Programs are often seeking a variety of instructional strategies to help learners overcome barriers to participation in adult education classes. One strategy often used includes the implementation of distance learning. Teaching through technology is very different that teaching in a traditional classroom and it requires a different set of instructional strategies and skills. 

April Professional Development Courses

World Education E-Learning PD has seven facilitated online courses that all start in April! All are currently open for registration. Find the one that best suits your needs and interests then click on the title to learn more or register.  

Distance Learning Math HSE Call Center

Technology and Adult Numeracy Colleagues,

Here's an interesting idea from the Texas Workforce Commission, and a government solicitation for potential bidders.

Requiring students to take an online component

Hello colleagues, I've been hearing about programs that are requiring HSE students who enroll in face-to-face classes to also take an online component. The rationale for this requirement, as I understand it, is at least two-fold: 1) students need to devote more time to achieve their HSE goals, 2) students often need to enhance their technology skills to be successful on the HSE test and for future study and/or work.

Is your program requiring that HSE students enroll in an online component? How is this working so far? Please share the details with us here.


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