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Down Syndrome

Robots and Autism

Hi group members,

There is an interesting ongoing collaboration between Dr. Dan Popa at the University of Texas at Arlington, the Dallas Autism Treatment Centre, and Texas Instruments.  It involves a robot named Zeno built by David Hanson, a former Disney Imagineer. 

New TV Series To Highlight Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Hi group users,

If you are a TV watcher, you probably have your favorite shows as I do.  One of my very favorite programs was "Life Goes On" that aired from 1989-1993.  Corky, one of the main characters, was a teenage boy with Down Syndrome.  Weekly, I could barely wait to find out what successes and challenges  Corky would experience on that episode.

Program helps young adults with disabilities become more independent

Hi group members,

I just read an article about a post-secondary student with Down Syndrome from Kalamazoo, Michigan that I think you will find heartwarming.  After you finish reading the article, please post a message if your state has a similar program.  Tell us about it~ Please!

Rochelle Kenyon, SME


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