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Need help with EdTech? Join the 5-Day ESL EdTech Jumpstart Challenge!

Hello Adult ESL Instructors!

I'm launching another 5-day email training course to help instructors implement technology into their adult ESL classrooms!

Learn how to organize your tech tools, lay down technology foundations for your classroom, and scaffold the learning curve for your students in 5 DAYS.

We start MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th!

Register Here ---->

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Measuring Impact of Technology in a Tech-Rich Environment

Greetings, I am hoping to get some advice from this community. Our team is interested in measuring the impact of technology in adult basic ESL/GED classes. We face two challenges, 1) many classes have tech integration 2) finding a measurement to reflect impact of tech integration. In other words, how can we effectively evaluate student and instructor use of the tech if they have already been exposed? Below are a few initial ideas. I am interested in hearing other approaches.

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Webinar on Blended Learning

You're invited! Join World Education's brand new EdTech Center for an exploration of blended learning presented by David Rosen. This free webinar is for those who are new or experimenting with blended learning - integrating face-to-face and online learning. Together we will explore questions such as:

Free webinar on creating Open Educational Resources.

I saw the posting by Leecy regarding her participating in the OER STEM pilot project and this notice appeared in my inbox - I thought it would be good to share! edWeb is offering a free webinar Jan. 28th at 5:00 PM Eastern Time titled "Creating Open Educational Resources for your K-12 Classroom" presented by Julie Willcott, Science Teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator.

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Television and Twitter Event: Kentucky's Transition to the new GED(r) Test

Hello all,

Monday night’s Education Matters on KET was a great show! If you missed it watch it at!

Help with Enrollment Form

Hey guys, 

I am looking for some help with a Google Form. I am wanting to create a Form programs can use for enrollment, where students would fill in their information using the computer. The idea is more fully explained in "A New Orientation."

Creating Succesful Google Hangouts

This blog post is about recomendations for successfull Hangout sessions. I think it is deffinitely worth the read,



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