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Bridge DA Gap Curriculum

Call for Research Papers Using PIAAC Data

Education in the State of the Union

Hello All,

President Obama's State of the Union Address was very focused on education.  Where do you see Correctional Ed fitting into that mix?

Misconceptions About Phonics Instruction -- The English Language is Inconsistent

This is a great blog breaking down the arguments against teaching phonics and helping to alleviate some of the inherent fears in both students and teachers about teaching, and learning, the english language. It's a bit long, but filled with really good information.!

Great Example of Restorative Justice in Action

Hello All,

I just came across this amazing video of a crime victim's account of his experience with Restorative Justice instead of criminal sentencing of the 16 year old who vandalized his business.  You can see the first part of the print article in this link, but the remainder is only available to subscribers.  The 3 minute video, however, gives a powerful accounting.

One Community's Education Alliance-Waco, TX Case Study

Learn the story of how one community formed an alliance for education in 2007 and how it has grown. Visit to learn that there have been over five annual summits and read about the Alliance’s eight assumptions and view its summit programs and annual reports.

Holiday Card Exchange for Incarcerated Sudents Sponsored by CEEAS

Holiday Card Exchange. The Holiday Card Exchange is a one-day project in which students learn about holiday customs and celebrations worldwide, and then create cards that incorporate a variety of cultural perspectives. Participants engage in a card exchange with students at another school.

Former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik talks about the "broken system"

Hello All,

This is an extremely interesting article regarding former New York police commissioner Bernard Kerik's time in prison.

Free MOOC on PD and Digital Learning

Original post by Dahlia


I'm sharing a link to a MOOC (massive open online course) for educators that is available for free here:  And here is text from the home page:     Digital Learning Transition

Thank you for your interest in the Planning for the Digital Learning Transition in K-12 Schools massive online open course for educators (DLT MOOC-Ed). This course will help you:


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