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Digital Learning Day is here!

Hi all,

Digital Learning Day is finally here!  You can learn more about what is going on nationally to celebrate Digital Learning Day at  What are you doing to celebrate?  Let us know by replying to this post.

On the Technology and Learning group we are celebrating all month long with a series of webinars and a connected discussion.

Journal Article: The CrowdED Learning Solution

I am pleased to share an article from volume one, issue one of the new ProLiteracy peer-reviewed, online research journal, Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy. This article is written by Rosen, Newsome Associates.

job opening for a Technical Assistance Coordinator

Dear All,

Digital Promise is looking for a Technical Assistance Coordinator. If you are interested in applying, please look at the description, here

My best,

gabe martinez



Open Educational Resources for use in Corrections

A few of us in the Northwest are working on collecting and sharing open educational resources that are appropriate for use in Corrections.  We've started curating those at a site

We are also collecting solutions to the challenge of bringing technology into Corrections Education.  Each month we meet virtually to discuss these solutions and catalog those discussions and solutions on the site.

Misinformation, Agnotology, and Remedies through Media Literacy


I have just posted a new, short Adult Literacy Education blog article that may be of interest to those who care about technology, media literacy and social change.

Webinar - Using Data? Here's What Might Surprise You

See the announcement below for information on a free webinar sponsored by the Alliance for Excellent Education.  The webinar will be held on September 26 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (EDT).

Day 6 and 7 “How can technology transform adult education and current practice?” focusing on Productivity & Infrastructure

Thank you Art Graesser for kicking off the discussion on the Productivity and Infrastructure section of the Connected Teaching and Personalized Learning: Implications of the National Education Technology Plan (NETP) for Adult Education draft report.  This is part four of a four part discussion focusing on the draft report and the question How can technology transform adult education and current practice?  

Day four of our discussion on “How can technology transform adult education and current practice?” focusing on Teaching

We’ve arrived at day four of our discussion on How can technology transform adult education and current practice?”  


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