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Using truespel phonetics for English pronunciation

Truespel is a free phonetic resource based on phonics that can replace the IPA for US English pronunciation.  It can be learned in an hour by literate folks using tutorials at and using the free two-way converter there.  Once they master the pronunciation of each of the 40 sounds of US English (and a stress and glottal stop rule), ELL's can say any word correctly when reading truespel phonetics.  They can write what they hear as well.  The science behind truespel is here .

English Language Proficiency Standards for Adult Education

Announcing a new report released by the American Institutes for Research entitled English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards for Adult Education with Correspondences to College and Career Readiness Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy, and Mathematical and Science Practices.

How to Use Comic Strip Making Websites to Enhance Your Teaching

Dear colleagues, 
Just wanted to share my new article, ''How to Use Comic Strip Making Websites to Enhance Your Teaching, at:

ELL Accommodations with TABE 9 & 10

Dear Colleagues,

In your state Adult Education Assessment Policies, how many of you have a documented procedure for providing accommodations to English Language Leaners on the TABE 9 & 10 assessment (not the CLAS-E).  The only guidance I could find from McGraw-Hill was vague at best:

[Attention]: Today Starts Our Special Health Literacy Discussion!

Greetings community members!

Today starts our week-long special discussion on improving health literacy among ESL learners. Teachers, researchers, program staff, and literacy providers are invited to join subject matter expert Julie McKinney and guest speaker Maricel Santos for a deep dive into newly released survey data: ESL Participation as a Mechanism for Advancing Health Literacy in Immigrant Communities.

Announcement: Launches Free Comic E-Book for Literacy, ELL Students Launches Free Comic E-book

To Help Literacy, ELL Students Express Their Creativity



In its efforts to provide more writing tools for educators, has launched a free interactive digital comic book for students enrolled in literacy and English Language Learner programs.


Adult ELL Assessments in the Community Environment.

I am a graduate student at the University of North Dakota in the Masters of Education English Language Learners program. However, I currently teach at a CBO in Charleston, South Carolina.  I am attempting to write a literature review on ELL assessment. The literature review will be an effort in determining the best known practices for community adult ELL assessment. I am trying to root out what is out there in regards to scholarly opinions concerning these assessments.

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