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Need help with EdTech? Join the 5-Day ESL EdTech Jumpstart Challenge!

Hello Adult ESL Instructors!

I'm launching another 5-day email training course to help instructors implement technology into their adult ESL classrooms!

Learn how to organize your tech tools, lay down technology foundations for your classroom, and scaffold the learning curve for your students in 5 DAYS.

We start MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th!

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Health Literacy Resource for ESL

I discovered this reosurce for health literach and ESL learners. I invite you to explore this content and identify how you may consider using it with students. Is this someting you can replicate at your own program? 

An upcoming special week long discussion of interest

Hello everyone, 

I wanted to draw your attention to an upcoming LINCS discussion in the PD group. While the focus on this discussion is on ESL instruction, I find the PD model fascinating. Videos of teachers in class leading discussions and activities were recorded and then framed with tips and strategies so ESL teachers who had barriers to participation in PD would have easy access to best-practices. I invite you to follow and engage in this discussion and at the end, I'd like to get your feedback on if this model is something you can re-create for any of your PD trainings. 

Using truespel phonetics for English pronunciation

Truespel is a free phonetic resource based on phonics that can replace the IPA for US English pronunciation.  It can be learned in an hour by literate folks using tutorials at and using the free two-way converter there.  Once they master the pronunciation of each of the 40 sounds of US English (and a stress and glottal stop rule), ELL's can say any word correctly when reading truespel phonetics.  They can write what they hear as well.  The science behind truespel is here .

REGISTER TODAY - Explicit Instruction Online Course Pilot (free) Aug 8 - Sept. 20, 2016

The LINCS Region II Professional Development Center invites you to participate in a PILOT of a FREE facilitated online course: Explicit Instruction, in August and September, 2016.

Georgia’s 2015 Fall Adult Education Conference Call for Proposals

Georgia's Adult Education

Georgia’s 2015 Adult Education

Fall Conference Call for Workshop Proposals

The Grand Hyatt, Buckhead in Atlanta, GA

Fall Conference on September 28–30, 2015


Brand New Financial Literacy PD Learning Plans

Hello everyone!

Georgia’s 2014 Fall Adult Education Conference Call for Proposals

Georgia’s 2014 Fall Adult Education Conference Call for Proposals

The Grand Hyatt, Buckhead in Atlanta, GA

Fall Conference on October 1 – 3, 2014

LINCS Learner Web Professional Development Web Site


I want to call your attention to a free LINCS Learner Web professional development web site sponsored by Literacyworks. The site includes Learning Plans (individually-paced curricula) that in this case focus on adult literacy education professional development. Each Learning Plan is driven by a learning goal. Current goals include:


English Language Learning University (ELL-U )


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