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ELLs and the Culture of Healthcare in the US

I see that there is a nice discussion going on about the role of culture in the ESOL classroom! We have been having a discussion on the health literacy list about health literacy in ESOL intruction. In that context, we have been talking about a different kind of cultural situation: that of the US health care system, and how that meshes (or doesn't!) with the culture of healthcare from a person's home country.

ESL vs. ESOL vs. ELD

I'm wondering if I can get some input on what programs are calling themselves to identify English language instruction: ESL, ESOL, ELD.   We currently use ESL but we're wondering what standard practices are moving towards because, of course, English is not the "second" language for many of our students. 

Are there articles on this topic that I can find somewhere?

Many thanks,

Heather Tatton-Harris


ESOL Health Literacy Toolkit Now Available Online

I am happy to announce that the Virginia Adult ESOL Health Literacy Toolkit is now available at  The Toolkit is published by the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center and draws on adult ESOL and healthcare social work knowledge and perspectives.  This comprehensive new resource for adult ESOL educators and others interested in health care communication with English language learners contains:

ESOL health literacy resources


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