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family literacy

free online children's books in many languages

Hello colleagues, If you work with English learners who have children, you will be interested in sharing this wonderful resource with them. Storybooks Minnesota has freely available online books in 17 different languages, including English. Parents can read to their children in the primary language and also listen to the stories online.The stories can also be downloaded. This resource would be ideal for a family literacy classroom.

Family Literacy - Let's Talk!

The National Center for Families Learning offers excellent resources to encourage family literacy efforts and practices. “NCFL advances literacy and education by developing, implementing, and documenting innovative and promising intergenerational strategies.

Take a few minutes to examine the areas targeted by the Center with information on how you or your organization can get involved.

Family Literacy

I notice that this Reading and Writing group now includes Family Literacy among its list of topics. One of the programs where I teach is considering adding this aspect to our instruction, and I wonder if anyone could help us get started.

How is family literacy different from regular literacy instruction? Do programs get the whole family involved, or do they just use materials that discuss family issues and reading ability?

Your help is appreciated. Thanks. Christi

Intergenerational Literacy

Reading and writing -- especially family literacy -- colleagues,

Texting parents tips improves their children's literacy

Reading and family literacy colleagues,

A recent Stanford University study shows literacy benefits to pre-school children whose parents are texted tips on how to help them with literacy preparation. Here's an EdWeek article about it:

Cooney Center Report Surveys Language, Literacy Apps

Hi all,

I just came across and interesting article, "Cooney Center Report Surveys Language, Literacy Apps" which looks at language and literacy apps for children.   While the apps in question were developed for children, some might be useful for adult education, and certainly a big component of the survey was on parents' decisions regarding which apps to download for their children and what digital devices their children have access to.

Evidence that Universal Pre-K (UPK) is not early enough?

Call for Presenters- Florida Literacy Conference

The Florida Literacy Coalition is currently recruiting presenters for our annual Conference. This year, the Conference will take place May 7-9 in Daytona Beach. As a presenter, you will receive the benefits of priority registration and networking with your peers. You can also enjoy a savings of $25.00 off the regular registration rate.

Please use this opportunity to share your wisdom, techniques, research and promising practices in adult and family literacy with others from across the state.

Take the Literacy Week Challenge!

In recognition of National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week on September 23 - 29, World Education is hosting the Adult Education and Family Literacy Week Quiz Challenge! 


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