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Special Discussion contd. - Hosting Financial Literacy Workshops for Adult Learners (Feb. 12 - 14)

Engaging local and community partners to bolster support services for students including introducing and continuing the financial education to our students in an excellent strategy. It could formalize a relationship, bring in new expertise, deliver a new perspective and set of resources for a particular focus area.

Special Discussion: Incorporating Financial Literacy into Adult Education Programs (Feb. 3 - 14)

To commemorate February as the Financial Aid Awareness month, Financial Literacy and Postsecondary Completion groups are hosting a special discussion from today, February 3rd to Friday, February 14th on ideas and strategies around integrating financial literacy into adult education programs.

Teaching about

The new is now easier for borrowers to navigate and learn about federal student aid options.  The site combines functionality from,, and into a single, one-stop resource for teaching and learning with learners pursuing post-secondary training and education.  Is financial aid education and counseling part of your career pathways program?  The new

Results from Tennessee's First Year of the Free Community College for Adults Program

The following article from the Tennessean provides a state level perspective on how the state's Tennessee Connect program is supporting adult learners in pursuing post-secondary education and training.  The article is reproduced in italics below, with bolded text added by myself.  I hope this encourages you to think about the impact that women are having on the demand for post-secondary education, and how the program is

"Complete Your FAFSA" resources

Dear Postsecondary Completion Colleagues:

The National College Access Network (NCAN) just launched this year’s campaign to encourage high school seniors (and adults) to apply for federal financial aid.  Materials include a guide for filling out the FAFSA (see below).  This year's focus is on reaching low income and minority students.

Homeless youth and federal financial aid

Dear Colleagues:

When I think about transition to college, I often help learners focus on making their lives as stable as possible -- stable housing, employers and work schedules that provide flexibility, lining up personal and financial resources, etc.  For homeless young adults, taking the leap to college (with housing options) may provide a good next step.  But, how do homeless young adults access the financial aid and other supports they desperately need to be successful?

America's College Promise and adult learners

Dear Colleagues:

News You Can Use: Rule change coming for FAFSA 2017-18 year

Dear Colleagues:

College for All!

Center for American Progress, a think tank, is proposing a model for College for All. Here are some of their initial thoughts on this plan. Sounds intriguing to me, what do you think? How will this proposal address the skills gap? Other considerations?  


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