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financial planning for college

Special Discussion contd. - Hosting Financial Literacy Workshops for Adult Learners (Feb. 12 - 14)

Engaging local and community partners to bolster support services for students including introducing and continuing the financial education to our students in an excellent strategy. It could formalize a relationship, bring in new expertise, deliver a new perspective and set of resources for a particular focus area.

Special Discussion contd. - Incorporating Financial Literacy in Career and Counseling Services (Feb 7 - 11)

Talking about money and discussing finances and money management behavior is considered a taboo subject or even rude. Money and finance related myths and misconceptions abound. Sound financial education and incorporating financial literacy in education programs seems like an excellent strategy to get this crucial conversation started.

Talking about financial resources, habits, and other money management topics in a one-on-one environment provides a safe and comfortable space to connect,  and talk through financial questions, hurdles, and plan for solutions. 

Special Discussion: Incorporating Financial Literacy into Adult Education Programs (Feb. 3 - 14)

To commemorate February as the Financial Aid Awareness month, Financial Literacy and Postsecondary Completion groups are hosting a special discussion from today, February 3rd to Friday, February 14th on ideas and strategies around integrating financial literacy into adult education programs.

Free Webinar on Financial Aid Trends and Regulatory Updates

The Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority presents a free webinar on Financial Aid Trends and Regulatory Updates on Friday, February 7th from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM. Join Meredith Barnhart, Manager of Community Outreach, to learn all you need to know about Financial Aid Trends and Regulatory Updates.

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