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Flipped Learning Newsletter

Check out the new issue of FLIPPED LEARNING TODAY, official newsletter of the Flipped Learning Network

In this newsletter, many articles of interest on flipped learning as well as links to activities to participate in around flipped learning.  

Flipped [Biology] Classroom: Try it out!

Dear Colleagues:

Flipped Learning Annual Conference

9th Annual Flipped Learning Conference FlipCon 2016, July 19-21 in Allen, TX

Go to:

Call for Proposals is open.  Submit by February 20th.

Registration is open.  $250 for all three days; $115 for Pre-Conference

Let me know if you have any questions.


Helaine W. Marshall, Ph.D.

Board of Directors

Flipped Learning Network




The Flipped Learning Approach: How can it meet adult learners’ needs?

About 30 folks in Region II have been investigating the Flipped Learning Approach  (also called the Flipped Classroom Approach) as a tool to support high quality adult education instruction.  (Click here for a quick  overview of the flipped approach.) Through a professional development event modeled on the flipped approach, participants have completed pre-webinar activities  (four 2-page readings, watched 2 short videos, & completed a pre-survey), participated in a discussion-based webinar customized to thei

Adult Basic Education and Adult ESL or ESOL Flipping


I have created an ABE and ESOL/ESL - focused group on the Flipped Learning Ning. Nine adult educators have already joined, and a lively discussion is under way. If you have flipped your class, are experimenting with flipping, or are thinking about trying to flip a class, email me and tell me a little about why you want to join the group, and I'll send you an invitation to join.

David J. Rosen

Flipped Learning Ning Adult Education Group

Technology and Professional Development Colleagues,

Are you flipping your classroom or experimenting with flipping? Do you know an adult basic education or adult ESL teacher who is? There's a Flipped Learning Ning, and I have created an adult basic education and adult ESL/ESOL focused flipped classroom group there. If you are interested in joining, let me know, and I'll send you an invitation. Thanks to Helaine Marshall at Long Island University, whom I met at COABE in Pittsburgh, for telling me about the Flipped Learning Ning.

David J. Rosen

Turning Education Upside Down -- the Flipped School

Technology Colleagues,

My friend and colleague, Paul Jurmo, called my attention to this fascinating New York Times article on “flipped schools,” where students watch video lessons at home and do “homework” in class, that are showing early promise in improving learning.

Anyone experimenting with the flipped classroom in adult education yet?

David J. Rosen


AlphaPlus blog features short articles on YouTube in the classroom and the flipped classroom


AlphaPlus in Canada has a technology blog that's often very good, I found thec urrent  featured technology articles,  YouTube in the classroom and The Fuss over Flipped Classroom (an engaging Piktochart! digital poster) of interest. You may too.


David J. Rosen

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