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Formative assessment

Technology and Study Skills


In the LINCS Reading and Writing CoP I have just launched what I hope will be a substantive discussion on learning to learn (study) skills  I have also posted some questions there about note-taking that I would also be interested in having your thoughts on:

Assessing to Inform Our Teaching

According to a recent blog by researcher John Hattie, “Far and away the most effective teaching intervention we found was what I call "visible learning": raising the quality of the feedback teachers receive about their impact. Expert teachers assess the visible impact they have on their students, constantly monitor learning and seek feedback about their teaching, and then evaluate and adjust their teaching methods based on these findings.

Assessment for AE Online Course Plans for VT, February 2016


Practitioners in Vermont are presently engaged in a facilitated LINCS online course that explores fundamental ideas of assessment for adult literacy learners. Here course participants will share their plans for applying what they have learned in the course with their learners.

We encourage you to explore the ideas and plans posted here and reply with comments, questions, experiences and ideas for supporting effective assessment in adult education.

Who's getting it?

Hello colleagues, Today in my beginning ESL class we did an activity on reading want ads with a focus on the abbreviations that are often used, e.g., F/T = full time, P/T = part time, exp. = experience, etc. I hesitated a bit to do this activity since I thought it might be too difficult, but I decided to go ahead with it. We worked through the ads and the abbreviations together as a class. Several students readily called out answers and seemed to fully comprehend the language.

Starting Today! LINCS is looking for Community Members to Review Online Formative Assessment Tools

Event Title: LINCS Formative Assessment

Event Type: Cohort of Reviewers for Formative Assessment Tools

Dates: TODAY! Orientation Webinar—Today, January 14, 2016, at 2:00 PM EST. Review process will run from January through April.

More info: Click here to register for the orientation webinar.  


Join Us to Evaluate Online Formative Assessment Tools!!

Hello everyone!

I’m sending you all this personal invitation to join a group that will try out and review online tools used for formative assessment activities with students.  Below is the full announcement, and you may have also seen the general announcement that went out yesterday on LINCS – but here are the main points you need to know.  Join us!!

Today: Using Technology to Track Student Progress

Event Title: Improving Teaching Using Technology for Formative Assessment

Event Type: Webinar & LINCS Community Discussion

New Webinar: Improving Teaching Using Technology for Formative Assessment

Event Title: Improving Teaching Using Technology for Formative Assessment

Event Type: Webinar & LINCS Community Discussion

Using Socrative and Google Forms for In-Class Assessment

Register for the upcoming webinar, hosted by LINCS Region 1 Professional Development Center, and learn how Chris Bourret and Ed Latham integrate technology into instruction. 

Improving Teaching Using Technology for Formative Assessment

Formative Assessment and the Use of Technology

Register for the upcoming webinar hosted by LINCS Region 1 Professional Development Center and hear LINCS moderators, Susan Finn Miller and David Rosen, as they introduce the basics of formative assessment and the potential technology has to enhance it. 

Improving Teaching Using Technology for Formative Assessment


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