Discussion: Upcoming webinar 12/12/17: "What Students Need to Know: GED® RLA’s Extended Response"

Want to build your insights into how to better instruct students in writing a response that earns points on the GED® Reasoning through Language Arts test?

Bulletin: Join us for the national GED® Grad Day celebration on May 18

GED Grad Day 2017

The national GED® Grad Day celebration returns on May 18! This is the second year for this virtual event that celebrates GED graduates and their personal and professional accomplishments. GED Testing Service is encouraging current GED graduates, family members, friends, teachers, employers and aspiring graduates to join the celebration!

Bulletin: Changes to Requesting Accommodations for GED Test Takers

Beginning August 30th, GED Testing Service is changing the process for requesting testing accommodations for learners with documented disabilities.  In preparation for these changes, they are offering several webinar sessions to explain the new process.

Discussion: Comcast and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Collaborate to Close the Digital Divide

In case you missed it, last month Comcast published this news release about their Internet Essentials program. This opportunity enables adults and young learners to "get connected from the comfort of their own homes and take advantage of resources to get a GED credential, apply for and complete college, and acquire the necessary digital literacy skills to thrive in a highly competitive, global workforce." 

Discussion: 6 Test Day Tips To Share With Your GED® Students

Of course it’s important for students to know the content covered on the GED® test. But it’s also important for them to feel comfortable and confident on test day. Going into the test knowing what to expect, and having a few key test-taking strategies, will go a long way in ensuring your students’ success.

Click here for six helpful test-taking tips you can incorporate into your classroom instruction to help prepare your students for their testing experience.

6 Test Day Tips To Share With Your GED® Students

Discussion: New GED Testing Service Updates Help Connect Adult Education Centers To Potential Students

A recent survey of GED® test-takers shows that while almost 2/3 of test-takers believe that attending a GED® prep class will help them pass the test, 1/3 of test-takers don’t know where to find one or even that these programs exist!

That’s why GED Testing Service is making it easier to connect these test-takers to your adult education programs. Please click here to finish reading this report in In Session.

GED Testing Service

Discussion: 2016 Educator Survey from GED Testing Service

Responses to the 2016 Educator Survey will help GED Testing Service better understand the preferences, and challenges, of GED® educators! Please click here to take the survey before July 22, 2016. Thank you.

Discussion: Learn About GED® College Ready & GED® College Ready + Credit

GED Testing Service answers the most frequently asked questions about the new score levels in a new document. Please click here to find the answers to the following questions.

GED Testing Service

Discussion: Career-Planning Tool for GED® Students

GED® educators can help keep students motivated and looking forward to life after the test with the PathSource Career Hub! It is available for free in MyGED®. The tool includes a career assessment and allows students to explore a wide range of career options that are available after they pass. Please click here for more information including a video tutorial. Thank you.

Discussion: Preview GED® Test Questions Using A New Student Tool

There’s a new, free tool that gives students a better idea of the types of questions they’ll need to answer correctly to pass the GED® test.


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