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Health Literacy

Health Literacy Outloud


Due to the interest in several  LINCS conversations about podcasts in the classrooms, and how podcasts can improve literacy, I wanted to take a moment and apply that information to our Health Literacy Community of Practice.

Looking for Teachers to Share their Health Literacy Stories with the Field!

Hi Everyone,
Happy Fall! It's always bittersweet to see Summer end, but Fall is often an exciting new beginning, especially for those who teach and learn! 

Call for Best Practice Papers on ABE and Health Literacy

Hi Everyone,
Please check out this unique opportunity for Adult Educators to share their experiences by submitting a paper to the Health Literacy Research and Practice Journal. Note the word "practice" in the title. This journal welcomes papers about practices in the classroom, opinions, stories and many other formats besides traditional research papers. The Journal is doing a special issue on ABE, and of you're interested in sharing your work, please consider submitting! 

Please Don't Eat Laundry Pods and Other Useful Information


Last Friday, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC) tweeted a very simple statement: Please don’t eat laundry pods.

Health Literacy Resource for ESL

I discovered this reosurce for health literach and ESL learners. I invite you to explore this content and identify how you may consider using it with students. Is this someting you can replicate at your own program? 

October is Health Literacy Month

How are you celebrating Health Literacy Month? I invite you to check out this link about Health Literacy and share some ideas about how you have, or will, integrate Health Literacy Month in your classroom.  There is also a LINCS Resource designed to help you develop integrated lessons. 

Health Literacy Partnerships Special Event

On September 18 at 1PM (ET), join How Adult Basic Skills Programs Can Build – and Obtain Funding for – Local Partnerships, a webinar with the LINCS Community Health Literacy micro group to help adult learners improve their health literacy.

Teaching students about food allergies


One of the most important concepts of instruction is to create learning opportunities that are relevant to our student's lives. Yet, these lessons also need to prepare students for an adult education credential or develop a skill in a career pathway. With that in mind, I'd like to share some lesson plan / instructional ideas about food allergies.

The importance of vaccines.

Friends, I want to draw your attention to a current measles outbreak in Minnesota.

How do you teach health literacy and scientific knowledge about vaccines to your students? What fears do they have? How do you help the overcome these fears?
I'd love to hear your stories.

Kathy Tracey


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