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health literacy month

Recap of Health Literacy Month Series (links to all articles)

6th Annual Health Literacy Month Series RecapEmmi's sixth annual Health Literacy Month has come to a close. Take a look back at how we focused on the importance of health literacy in care transitions.'


Health Literacy Month Blog Series on Shared Decision Making

Hi Everyone, we'll be kicking off our annual health literacy blog series on Engaging the Patient. Watch for a new article every weekday in October. This year the focus is on the intersection of health literacy and shared decision making. We have a lot of great people contributing: like Peter Ubel, Corey Siegel, and Jan Prochaska. We'll also have a mini-series on health literacy and shared decision making around palliative care, hospice care, and end of life directives.

CommunicateHealth to Host First-Ever Health Literacy Hackathon!

Almost 90% of adults struggle with complex health information. This is because most health information is presented in ways that make it hard to understand and use. People of color, older adults, and people with poor health status struggle the most with finding and understanding health information. It doesn't have to be this way! Health information should be understandable, accessible, and convenient.

Health Literacy Month

October is Health Literacy Month. Many people have been asking about ways to raise awareness this year. There is no right or wrong way to participate. What's important is that you consider the learning needs of your intended audience along with goals of your organization, association, school, library, business, or other group hosting a Health Literacy Month event. And then highlight the importance of understandable health communication in whatever ways you deem best.

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