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Hello health literacy friends,

CommunicateHealth is happy to announce the launch of We ♥ Health Literacy, our new weekly email full of health literacy-related tips and tricks.

The topic of these posts will range from getting around tricky jargon terms to enhancing text with visuals and musings on plain language, design, usability, typography, and much more. Basically, if it’s related to health literacy, it’s fair game.

2013 HCEA Conference: October 24 – 26, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I'm passing this on for Joan Morgan. Take a look at the conference offerings!

For more info, go to



2013 HCEA Conference: Empowerment through Education: Enhancing Learning to Improve Outcomes
October 24 – 26, 2013
Cincinnati, OH

Florida Health Literacy Summit, July 26

I just wanted to make folks aware of the upcoming Florida Health Literacy Summit to be held on July 26 in Orlando.

Andrew Pleasant will be our keynote speaker at this first of its kind event here in Florida.

All are welcome!

For more information, please visit




Greg Smith
Florida Literacy Coalition



health literacy separate from education level?

A physician at my health system is leading a Patient Experience team and is focusing efforts on health literacy.  She has asked me if education level can be separated out from overall health literacy of a patient, and is there data or research available that speaks to the relationship between an individual's education level and their level of health literacy.  Can someone please comment on this and/or point me in the direction of resources that would address this?  Thank you!

Evonda Copeland, MLIS | Supervisor of Library Services and HealthConnect

Creating a Health Literacy Program/ Resource inside an Adult Literacy Center

 My name is Glenn McComas, and I am a recent graduate of East Carolina University with a B.S Degree in 
Public Health Studies and a concentration in Health Education and Promotion. I am currently a Health
 Literacy intern with the Literacy Volunteers of Pitt County and I have the intentions of creating and 
implementing a Health Literacy program/ resource here at LV-PC. Here at LV-PC they mainly focus on adult
 basic education. (reading, writing, and math)

Examples of Health Literacy Organizational Policies

First Health Literacy Project in Austria

Good morning,

Today I want to tell you something about my Health Literacy Project in Austria.

It is the first one for this land (except the multiplier training of the FGZ). I get the chance to show this land why healthy literacy is important and how you can improve your own knowledge.

It is a small project, but it is the first step for me and all of us. If it is successful - I am sure some other cities will also start a campaign like this. So it is on me - to provide good information.

Now hiring: Director of Health Literacy in Austin, TX

Hello wonderful colleagues,

What Can A Health Literacy Association Do For You?

Hi Everyone,

I have a big question, and would like to hear from a lot of people about this.

Many fields have professional organizations, which support the field in various ways. They may have conferences, publications, or professional development opportunities, among other supports.

Wednesday Question: Addressing the Health Care Law in Literacy Classes?

Has anyone addressed the new health care law in adult education classes? I would love to hear what kind of help adult learners need, and what resources and strategies you have used to help them.

I am guessing that common issues may include:


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