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high school diploma

There's a labor shortage, but are there jobs for people who only hold a h.s. diploma or equivalency certificate?


The Executive Director of a Boston-based college and career readiness organization that serves high school students through the use of a blended learning approach, Gary Kaplan, has a blog entitled "Labor Shortage Continues. 99% of Jobs Go to College Graduates." In it he documents that in some parts of the country employers are not hiring people who only have high school diplomas. 

High School Equivalency Certificate...or Diploma?


Crossing the Bridge: Diploma Completion -> College Enrollment

Do you have students who obtain their high school equivalency diploma, have intentions to go to college but never apply or get accepted and never enroll? 

This seems to be an issue in the high school world as well. Here is an excerpt from a recent Higher Ed article: 

College degree becoming the new high school diploma

Hi, I just watched this brief video from MSNBC - it's an interview with Catherine Rampell who recently wrote an article about "degree inflation" in the NY Times (I haven't read her article yet).  The gist is that her research shows that more and more employers are requiring at least a Bachelor's Degree - even when the jobs offered do not require that level of education/training.  

Here's the link to the video:

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