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higher-order thinking

Critical Thinking Activities & Free Resource

Hello Colleagues, The College and Career Standards are designed to engage all students in higher-order thinking. I recently came across a posting "Ten Great Critical Thinking Activities that Engage Your Students," on the Global Digital Citizen website. Some of these activities were familiar to me, such as K-W-L, Think-Pair-Share and Readers Theater, but others were new, e.g., Big Paper -- Building a Silent Conversation.

Promoting Higher-Order Thinking

Hello colleagues, The College and Career standards are designed to support students to enhance their critical thinking skills as indicated in Webb's Depth of Knowledge (DOK). This Edutopia article by Gerald Aungst, which focuses on Webb's DOK, highlights some practical techniques for increasing the rigor of instruction.

What stands out to you in this article? Are there questions that are raised for you?

"No opt out" technique

Hello Colleagues, A friend recently recommended Doug Lemov’s (2010) book Teach Like a Champion: 49 Techniques that put Students on the Path to College. Many of the techniques Lemov outlines for K12 teachers focus on how to manage teacher-led whole class discussion, with teacher questioning designed to assess students’ understanding of content.

Teacher feedback: "very good"

Hello friends, An article I read some time ago by Wong and Waring (2009) made me think about my feedback to learners. How often do I respond by saying “very good” when students give a correct answer to my questions and then quickly move on? I recognized that my behavior was similar to what the authors described. When students responded to a question correctly, I would often say “good” and quickly go on to the next thing.

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