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How-to Qs & As

Technology and Learning Colleagues,

Where does one start implementing tech in the classroom?

Hey guys, 

Sorry it's been so long since my last contribution to the group.  I was asked recently a question like, "where do I start... what is the first thing I should do to introduce technology in the classroom?" It was around this time I read some posts on Twitter about SAMR. I think SAMR is a good tool to use when helping coworkers begin bringing technology in the classroom.

Orientation to the LINCS Community LIVE Event Coming in October!

New to the LINCS Community?  Want to learn more about participating as a member of a community of practice?  How about understanding the functions and features in your groups and the community?  Join us for a live Orientiation to the LINCS Community event coming in October!  

We will be announcing information on the dates and times stay tuned!


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