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"GED and other high school equivalency degrees drop by more than 40% nationwide since 2012"


I would like to call your attention to some new data about the high school equivalency (HSE) exams and to thank our colleague JoAnn Weinberger for calling my attention to this column from the Hechinger Report newsletter, GED and other high school equivalency degrees drop by more than 40% nationwide since 2012, .

Creating Boot Camps for HSE Programs


I would like to open a discussion about boot camps. The concept for a High School Equivalency Boot Camp is that a short course is offered to students who are NRS level 5 or 6., However, boot camps can also be developed as an introduction to the adult education program. 

GED® Completion Rates

Program Management Colleagues,

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Join us for the national GED® Grad Day celebration on May 18

GED Grad Day 2017

The national GED® Grad Day celebration returns on May 18! This is the second year for this virtual event that celebrates GED graduates and their personal and professional accomplishments. GED Testing Service is encouraging current GED graduates, family members, friends, teachers, employers and aspiring graduates to join the celebration!

High School Equivalency Ad Campaign


I wonder if you are aware of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation-sponsored ad campaign to encourage adults without a high school diploma to get a HSE certificate. Read about the campaign and look at some of the videos at

I wonder if this will result in more learners enrolling in adult secondary education programs.

Please join the GED® Grad Day celebration on June 15th


The GED® test has opened doors to better jobs and college programs for more than 20 million graduates since 1942. On June 15, 2016, we will celebrate all GED® graduates and motivate others to start their journey. 

GED Test Score/Performance Level Enhancements

Good morning. I'm sharing new information and resources now available about the GEDTS recommended changes to the performance levels, including the passing score and a new level for college credit eligibility. Please help share this information with adult educators as the details of the implementation vary by state, and the information will be critical to help inform and counsel adult learners in GED-offering states.

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2016 HSE Test Updates


GED teacher, professional developer, and blogger, Meagen Farrell, has posted this important 2016 update on all three HSE tests. Perhaps the most surprising, to some at least, is the change in cut scores to the GED(r) test.

David J. Rosen

Reminder: HSE Survey deadline 1/8/16

HI all,

Hoping the New Year is treating you all well.  I just wanted to remind you of the 12 question survey the New York City Coalition for Adult Literacy posted on LINCS in December.  We have had responses from many states but still haven’t heard from anyone in the following states:

Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Washington DC

In 2016 Only Computerized HSE Testing for New Jersey


Apparently, beginning in January 2016, New Jersey will only allow taking HSE tests on a computer. I believe that NJ offers all three HSE tests, so presumably regardless of what HSE test they take test-takers must take it on a computer. "Paper-based testing will no longer be offered with the exception of those with a demonstrated need for a special accommodation." Source:


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