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instructional strategies

Letting Students Choose How to Learn

For those familiar with Student-Centered Learning (SCL), the idea of giving students options for how they wish to learn is not new. Providing students with time and ways to work independently or in small groups is one way to introduce choice; however, there are many other ways to diversify the learning experience of our extremely diverse adult learners.

What are focusing activities and how can they be used in science education?

A focusing activity is a way to immediately draw students attention when beginning class or transitioning to a new subject. Beginning instruction with this type of activity allows you to minimize distractions, maintain learning momentum, and maximize teaching / learning time. Ideas of focusing activiites include starting with collaborative discussions, generating discussion, or starting the instruction with a brief assessment. What types of focusing activities do you use in science education? 

Scrolls in the classroom

Summer break is a great time to discover new ideas!


Scrolls open new avenues for reading research:

Beginning a class session

Through the years, I’ve had many conversations with adult education instructors about ways in which to start a class session.  Often these conversations include the desire to introduce content and topics into an already overcrowded curriculum. There is also a wish to integrate subject matter with skills in observation, description, hypothesizing, and written/oral communication.  And this is to be done in a short period of time, so that the group can move on to “regular class activities”. What a tall order!! 

Online Course: Numeracy and LD - Instructional Strategies

Math teacher - Rick, from the courseUse this discussion thread to explore thoughts on how the information on instructional strategies that address problems in learning math content from the Numeracy Instruction and Adults with Learning Disabilities online course might impact your professional practice.

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