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Do you want the Science CoP to be a place where science teachers discuss issues of practice?

Science teachers -- and those who wouldn't consider themselves science teachers but who do teach adults science,

I was hoping this CoP would be a place to engage in discussion of practice and theory about teaching adults science. Were you hoping that too? If so, that will only be possible if you join in the discussion. Now is the time.

I have two questions for you, and then an update on the science videos review project:

The Flipped Learning Approach: How can it meet adult learners’ needs?

About 30 folks in Region II have been investigating the Flipped Learning Approach  (also called the Flipped Classroom Approach) as a tool to support high quality adult education instruction.  (Click here for a quick  overview of the flipped approach.) Through a professional development event modeled on the flipped approach, participants have completed pre-webinar activities  (four 2-page readings, watched 2 short videos, & completed a pre-survey), participated in a discussion-based webinar customized to thei

Science Instructional Videos Online Review Group Beginning Soon

Colleagues who teach science to adults, or who work with or provide professional development for them,

PD Videos: Questions and Opportunities for You

Using instructional videos in adult education

Colleagues who are interested in integrating video in instruction,

In the lead article in a just-released online journal, Digital Life and Learning I share some ideas on how digital instruction videos can be used in the adult education classroom. If this interests you, please take a look, and let me/us here have your comments and ideas about how you might use video in your own classroom.


David J. Rosen

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