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Teachers needed for adult secondary education video review project

Writing teaching colleagues,

I am looking for a handful of adult secondary education writing teachers who teach adults or out-of-school youth, and who are interested in working with other teachers in an online group to review free, online writing instruction videos. The goal is to put together a good list of teacher-reviewed and rated ASE level videos with engaging content and sound practice, a list of annotated videos that could be used by students who need to learn and practice how to write well at the secondary or pre-college level.

Science Video Review Project

Free Online Instructional Videos for Job and Career exploration

Career Pathways Colleagues,

There's a new web page on the Literacy list with links to free online instructional videos for adult learners. It has links to web pages with hundreds of short, free online jobs and careers exploration videos.

Take a quick look at

David J. Rosen


Using Free Online Instructional Videos with Adult Learners


If you are interested in how you can use free online adult education instructional videos, even where there is no Internet connection in your classroom (but where you have a computer and multimedia projector, or computers on a LAN), you might take a look at my new blog post, Using Free Online Instructional Videos with Adult Learners, at  Your comments and suggestions there, or in this CoP would be welcome.

David J. Rosen

1. Instructional video review groups, and 2. What are the best ways to use instructional videos?


Recently I have been doing presentations in Georgia, New York, and a webinar for New Jersey. I have upcoming presentations in Massachusetts, and at the COABE national conference in New Orleans on how to use free online instruction videos suitable for adult learners in the classroom or to assign for viewing before or after class. These presentations have been very well received; I see a lot of interest around the country in using instructional videos.

ABE and ESOL/ESL Instructional Videos websites page


I have created a short Literacy List web page whose focus is (largely free) instructional videos. I plan to add to this page, so check back from time to time. Also, if you don't see listed a good instructional video website that you and your students like, send me the web address and I'll take a look.

The Literacy list

The Literacy List Instructional Videos page

David J. Rosen


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