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integrating technology

What does "Integrating Technology" mean?

Hello Integrating Technology colleagues,

What does" Integrating Technology in adult basic skills instruction" mean to you in 2018?

Are you integrating technology in your teaching practice if:

Digital Literacy for Citizenship and Integration: Digital Literacy Resources for Adult ESL Learners

Integrating Technology and English Language Acquisition Colleagues,

I would like to call your attention to a recent COABE webinar entitled "Digital Literacy for Citizenship and Integration: Digital Literacy Resources for Adult ESL Learners," archived on YouTube, and with slides available on the COABE website .

Do you integrate technology in your class, tutorials, program(s) or school(s)? If so why?

Teachers or tutors and program, school, or state administrators,

1) Do you integrate technology in your class(es), tutorials, program(s) or school(s)?

2) If so, what are the benefits of integrating technology? What problem(s) has integrating technology addressed, what improvements has this made in what you provide to adult learners, in the instruction you provide, in the professional development you receive, or in the administration of your program(s) or schools(s)?

How to Integrate Technology in Adult Basic Skills (including ESOL/ESL) Education


I am often asked by teachers, program administrators, and professional developers what the best ways are to integrate technology into classes and programs. This is an important question, one which I have some views on, and to which I would love to hear your answers, and reactions to my thoughts. Let's hear from teachers, program managers, technology coordinators, professional developers, and others.

I usually answer that:

1) There is no single best answer for all programs as the answer depends on program variables, such as:

How is reading online different?

Hello colleagues, The College and Career Standards integrate technology in a variety of purposeful ways. I've been thinking about how reading online employs some of the same skills as reading paper-based materials, but also requires some different skills. How would you characterize the similarities and differences between reading online and other reading? What specific skills do students need, especially when researching online?

Using Google Tools for Teaching and Learning - Virtual Mini Conference

As some of you know, the EdTech Center @ World Education, Inc. is a non-profit effort to help promote the use of educational technology in adult education. This summer, we are experimenting with running a mini virtual conference, so that more practitioners can benefit from interactive “hands on” workshops online.

What Does it Mean to Integrate Technology in the Classroom?


In her recent introduction, new member Karen Hill wrote that she is interested in integrating technology in the classroom. Since integrating technology in the classroom is at the heart of the Technology and Learning Community, although it has been discussed here before I would like to create a new discussion thread now to learn more about:

Online Course: Integrating Technology with Project-Based Learning

The fall session of Integrating Technology with Project-Based Learning from World Education starts Wednesday, October 14, 2015. The course is facilitated by Steve Quann. Course fee: $289.  Register today!

Integrating Technology with Project-Based Learning

There's still time to register for World Education's newest online course, Integrating Technology with Project-Based Learning! Class starts Wednesday, June 24. 


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