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Internet access

ConnectHome to provide free Internet to low-income families


Low-income families residing in assisted housing units in twenty-seven cities will have new opportunities to get free Internet access at home.
ConnectHome, a new federal initiative announced today, will provide free Internet access at home, as well as technical training and digital literacy training.

Internet Access in the U.S.: Trends over 15 years


Here's my summary of the data from the latest (June 26, 2015) Pew Research Center Internet Survey, Americans’ Internet Access: 2000-2015.  Before you read this, what two groups in America do you think have the lowest Internet access: women, older adults, low-income adults, African-Americans, Latino/Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans, those who lack a high school diploma, or those who live in rural areas? 

Solutions for getting students Internet access outside class

Technology and Learning Colleagues,

Everyone on?

Hi all,

I posted about Everyone On after the COABE Conference, but World Ed just sent out a reminder about it so I wanted pass that a long.  

Everyone On--low cost access to internet and tech devices

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