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Welcome and Introduction


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Introduce Yourself as a Member of Our Community!

As a new, returning, or even a veteran member of this growing and increasingly vibrant community, please introduce yourself to the rest of us! Use the Comment button on this  Discussion Topic to enter your information.

In your introduction, include aspects of yourself that will help you connect with others of like mind, experiences, and interests as we continue to interact on behalf of our own interests and those of the adults we serve!

Past Introductions from 2015 to 2018

This forum includes copies of introductions by members in our Reading and Writing Community from 2015 to end of 2018. I haven't included the images, but you can access those by clicking on the person's name, which will take you to the profile section for each one. Thank you to those who posted their intros and for helping us build community.

You will find a new Introductions forum posted as a "Sticky," which is an ongoing thread posted in blue at the top of our discussion list.

Tags: introduction

introducing health literacy





             you have a commmitment from a physician  ( who is not 40 years old )  

                         who is not on the net, 

                       does not promote or if he has an email ,

                       is not aware of the power of the  social media

                      and     is most  reluctantly converting from  paper to electronic  records,       

                      to consider the subject  of adult illeracy and health but only  if I  FAX  info   to him 


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