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Health Literacy Jobs Posting thread

Greetings, Colleagues!

There have been a few Health Literacy job postings that I've received via email over the last few months.  I thought I would start a thread here for posting job openings that might be of interest to the Health Literacy group --  to consider and/or pass on.  Please feel free to add health literacy-related postings to the thread.


Health Literacy Moderator

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JOB OPPORTUNITY - Skills Development Specialist

Skills Development Specialist
St. Peter, MN
$37,083 - $53,641 annually

Full-time opportunity with a unique blend of education, vocational training, and sales operations!


Director of Health Literacy, Health Research for Action center, University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health

Dear Colleagues,

Please see the following announcement for a Director of Health Literacy position at the University of California, Berkeley. The Health Research for Action center is looking for an expert in health literacy with experience in "plain language writing." 

Job Announcements in Career Pathways

Job Announcements in Career Pathways

Please use this discussion thread to post job announcements that would be relevant to the Career Pathways COP by commenting to this thread.

This will help us keep the job announcements all in one easy location for reference and for those members who select to receive email notifications for immediate or digest messages will receive an email about your job posting.

Thank you

Donna Brian

SME Career Pathways

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