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New Report: Reducing Teacher Shortages in the U.S.

The Reducing Teacher Shortages report explores the role that immigrant and refugee professionals can play in addressing these urgent shortages – and increasing the diversity of the teacher workforce – through alternative teacher certification programs that tap into these newcomers’ training, skills, and professional experience. The report looks at developing initiatives in several states and cities as well as relevant federal policies.

Webinar Announcement: Can Immigrant Professionals Help Reduce Teaching Shortages in the U.S.?

About the event:

The webinar will present findings from WES Global Talent Bridge’s upcoming report, Can Immigrant Professionals Help Reduce Teaching Shortages in the U.S.? Policy experts from Washington State and New York City will discuss efforts to streamline pathways for foreign-trained immigrants and refugees to enter the teaching profession.

Issues to be discussed include:

There's a labor shortage, but are there jobs for people who only hold a h.s. diploma or equivalency certificate?


The Executive Director of a Boston-based college and career readiness organization that serves high school students through the use of a blended learning approach, Gary Kaplan, has a blog entitled "Labor Shortage Continues. 99% of Jobs Go to College Graduates." In it he documents that in some parts of the country employers are not hiring people who only have high school diplomas. 

Job Scout

JobScout, an online platform designed to get people back to work, teaches necessary Internet skills and job-hunting techniques. JobScout uses social game design to engage users in self-paced, online activities that focus on Internet skills applied in a real life context. Users master these skills to apply online for jobs and use JobScout’s social network to collaborate with each other on and offline. 

Learn more about Job Scout!


job opening for a Technical Assistance Coordinator

Dear All,

Digital Promise is looking for a Technical Assistance Coordinator. If you are interested in applying, please look at the description, here

My best,

gabe martinez



Position Announcement: Research Associate, Adult Education Initiatives at Digital Promise



I recently accepted a position with Digital Promise to lead their adult education initiatives. Digital Promise has received a grant from The Joyce Foundation, together with EdSurge and MIT Media Lab, to support the creation and promotion of education technologies for adult learners. Here’s a link to the press release announcing the grant and my position:


Director of Health Literacy, Health Research for Action center, University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health

Dear Colleagues,

Please see the following announcement for a Director of Health Literacy position at the University of California, Berkeley. The Health Research for Action center is looking for an expert in health literacy with experience in "plain language writing." 

College degree becoming the new high school diploma

Hi, I just watched this brief video from MSNBC - it's an interview with Catherine Rampell who recently wrote an article about "degree inflation" in the NY Times (I haven't read her article yet).  The gist is that her research shows that more and more employers are requiring at least a Bachelor's Degree - even when the jobs offered do not require that level of education/training.  

Here's the link to the video:

Career Opportunities in the field


Hello Reading and Writing Group,

In the realm of sharing our knowledge and opinions with each other another component is the sharing of opportunities in the field.  Be it Jobs, Volunteering, or Grants, it is important that we have a place for members looking for these opportunities to invest in the craft that we all care so much about.  Please use this discussion thread to post your job announcements in Reading and Writing group by commenting to this thread.

Job Announcements in Program Management

Please use this discussion thread to post job announcements that would be relevant to the Program Management group by commenting to this thread.

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