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Over 2,000 Practice Sets from Khan Academy—Aligned to the CCRS and TABE 11/12

I threatened to do this a long time ago, Once I had the things (and Excel knowledge) in place that were needed, it took me maybe 5 hours to get it done?

CrowdED Learning has created downloadable/copyable spreadsheets containing all of the practice sets from Khan Academy, aligned to the College & Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education and TABE 11+12 (including indication of emphasis). I'm interested in seeing if folks want to take a look and perhaps have a follow up discussion on what best practices could be shared out to the field on how to use these. 

Khan Academy Alignment to the CCRS?

Hi everyone!

As part of a curriculum alignment project I'm working on to aggregate resources and materials as they align to the CCRS, I'm wondering if anyone has gone through the work of doing a content alignment of Khan Academy that exists in Excel or CSV format. Khan provides a .csv file that lists out the alignment of all their practice content to the Common Core State Standards, but I'm wondering if anyone has taken this and adjusted it to show the alignment to the respective CCRS. 

Khan Academy takes on English!

Not sure how long ago this happened, but I was delighted to see that Khan Academy has started to tackle ELA. They have started off with Grammar and the parts of speech. If you are a Khan fan and always felt left out because you teach ELA, he has finally reached out to you. I am hopeful more ELA resources are available soon!

Link to Khan Academy Grammar page (Not sure if you have to be logged into Khan to get to this link)


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How well does Khan Academy align to Common Core State Standards?


Below is a tantalizing introduction by high school math teacher and Stanford University graduate student Dan Meyer to his blog article report on his close examination of what students are asked to do in the 8th grade Khan Academy math curriculum:

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The Flipped Learning Approach: How can it meet adult learners’ needs?

About 30 folks in Region II have been investigating the Flipped Learning Approach  (also called the Flipped Classroom Approach) as a tool to support high quality adult education instruction.  (Click here for a quick  overview of the flipped approach.) Through a professional development event modeled on the flipped approach, participants have completed pre-webinar activities  (four 2-page readings, watched 2 short videos, & completed a pre-survey), participated in a discussion-based webinar customized to thei

Khan Academy offering Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Colleagues,

Some of you may be interested to know that Khan Academy is offering, and apparently will continue to develop, free financial literacy lessons.

Here's an article about this:

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