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Language Learning & Technology Vol. 17 now out


We are happy to announce that Volume 17, Number 1 of Language Learning
& Technology is now available at The contents are listed below.

Please visit the LLT Web site and be sure to sign up to receive your free
subscription if you have not already done so. Also, we welcome your
contributions for future issues. Check our guidelines for submission


Online self-paced learning resources

My colleagues are hoping to create an online environment for people to use through
their local public library. They are looking for online resources that are
designed as "self-paced", and have options for:

  1. learn to read
  2. learn to write
  3. learn to speak a language.

They want the most basic of resources. The site will contain no more than five
options and will be geared toward adult learners.

Do these types of resources exist?

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