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learning disability

Learning to Achieve (L2A) in 2017

Are you looking for new ideas to work with struggling learners in your program?  If you have not already, check out The LINCS Learning Portal's Learning to Achieve (L2A) suite of eight, self-paced courses on working with learners with learning disabilities. 

Planning for our group

Hello, Disabilities in Adult Education Community of Practice,

I am excited to be working with each of you, as LINCS begins a new chapter.  My role is shifting from the previous model of 'subject matter expert' to one where I will serve as a moderator of many experts, namely, you!

That said, I want to hear from you about your goals and ideas for this group?  What skills are you most interested in developing to better serve your learners?  What are your areas of expertise? 

Texas Adult Education initiatives to better serve adults with special learning needs

Texas Adult Education has a state professional development initiative called "Effective Instruction for All Adult Education Students Including Those with Special Learning Needs".

How Are Instructors Dealing with Learning Disabilities Issues in Their Classrooms?

I'm interested to know if, and how, any of you deal with issues surrounding learning disabilities in your student population.  I'm partnering with our local community college to gather resources for an off-line collection of resources, specifically for high school completion, and keep thinking that undiagnosed learning disabilities are going to be a continuing obstacle.  Do any of you deal with this issue on a regular basis, and how do you handle it?  I know that in adult populations you aren't supposed to ask if someone has a learning disability.

Reaching out to Learning Disability Children


You might be interested to read a new guest blog by adult learner leader, Archie Willard, about his many years of talking about his experiences as a non-reader and then adult new reader, to classes of children. You will find his story on my blog,  Adult Literacy Education,  at


Dyslexia, the reading learning disability

Hi group members,

I noticed that conversation on Dyslexia was started inside the "Welcome and Introductions..." thread.  In this new LINCS Community format, it is essential to have discussions in specifically labeled threads so they can be easily followed and searched.  Dyslexia is such an important topic within reading that it can get lost unless it has its own discussion thread.

I invite Andrea, Camilia, Marsha, and Shellie to bring their conversations over here and resume the discussion.  I also invite other Reading and Writing group members to join in.

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