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The Power of Partnerships: Adult Literacy and Libraries with Kristin LaHurd and Gwenn Weaver

Join us tomorrow, May 29, 2019 as we discuss the benefits of partnerships between adult literacy education programs and public libraries. Guest leaders, Kristen Lahurd and Gwenn Weaver will share the partnership between the American Library Association and ProLiteracy as they highlight the role of public libraries in helping meet the adult literacy need by establishing and expanding their services for adult learners.

The Role of Libraries in Adult Literacy Education

In today's ever-changing and technology driven world, we often hear the question - Do we still need libraries? I thoroughly enjoyed reading Do We Need Librarians Now That We Have The Internet?. The author states, "For centuries, the librarian’s job was providing scarce information to dependent patrons. Now, the job is helping patrons navigate superabundant information of wildly varying quality and uncertain provenance.

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New “One stop” for South Philadelphia: Adult Literacy, Neighborhood Library and Community Health Center

Health literacy colleagues,

This article describes heartening news for South Philadelphia, and perhaps a model for the integration of community health and literacy that could be replicated in some other communities. Although in the article literacy is described as digital literacy, I suspect that once this opens they will discover that basic literacy, English language for immigrants and other adult basic skills are also needed.

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Online self-paced learning resources

My colleagues are hoping to create an online environment for people to use through
their local public library. They are looking for online resources that are
designed as "self-paced", and have options for:

  1. learn to read
  2. learn to write
  3. learn to speak a language.

They want the most basic of resources. The site will contain no more than five
options and will be geared toward adult learners.

Do these types of resources exist?

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