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I've got a little project going...

I found out about Open Educational Resources -- " free and openly licensed educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research, and other purposes"  right here at LINCS. I was part of several projects, creating and curating OER for Math.

  I think it's time to scale up!   

We're having a Geogebra workshop!

I've been dabbling in Geogebra for a few months and I'd tweet my frustrations to the #mtbos #ggbchat (math twitter blogosphere and geogebra chat)... and Steve Phelps answered several questions and made me little screencasts for creating things on my own. 

Well, when he tweeted to some of his followers that he was thinking of doing training in Illinois, maybe Chicago... I impulsively noted that Champaign-Urbana is much less expensive ... and ... one thing led to another and we'll be hosting him for a 2-day workshop here at the college June 26-27!   

Manipulatives ----> technology .... tools we need to think about :)   

David Wees brings up a 1992 article about manipulatives and notes parallels in the way people marveled at these new educational tools ... and judged whether a classroom/teacher was doing a good job by... whether they were being used or not, rather than whether students were learning from them. 

ICYMI: Discussion on using journals with math


In case you missed it, I want to draw your attention to this discussion the the Teaching and Learning Community of Practice. The topic focuses around the connection between math and reading, with great tips about writing and using journals to help students overcome math difficulties. 

I encourage you to join this discussion - great ideas are being shared.


Evaluating Digital Learning for Adult Basic Literacy and Numeracy


I want to call your attention a quasi-experimental design research report released today by SRI Education/SRI Internatiional that was based on a multi year study of five adult basic skills education online or blended learning products for reading or math, and was funded by the Joyce Foundation. Evaluating Digital Learning for Adult Basic Literacy and Numeracy

The connection between science and math instruction and science careers

There is a great deal of discussion about how to best prepare students for success in science education which can determine the foundation for success in science related careers. However, even with all the science instruction – it’s the success in mathematics instruction that is a significant predictor of performance in science. For many students, it can be the lack of math skills that deter them from successfully entering a science career.  

Advancing Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Adult Education

OCTAE is excited to announce the award and commencement of a new project with Luminary Labs: Advancing Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Adult Education. Through this three-year project, ED hopes to accelerate the teaching and learning of advanced mathematics through the use of high-quality OER aligned to College and Career Readiness Standards, innovative teaching models, Teacher User Groups, and next-generation educational technologies.

Integer App is "test ready"

I made all the little graphics and filled in all the stuff and paid the $25 so -- I'm an"Android App Developer!"    

I put my app as a "test" one -- though it's so simple that even if it "breaks" it won't do anything bad to anybody's computer (it just won't work).   No infinite loops :-)   


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