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Math Anxiety

My lesson is up :)

I'm taking the "Service Learning" MOOC where we're putting together an OER lesson for adult ed... and mine is up! My actual lesson covers just the first section of the chapter, but I put the whole chapter up because it's there (and because it's going up on our college resource site):   

"Motivation" more important than "ability"   

Surprise (not really ;))... innate ability isn't what matters most.   Internal locus of control (thinking that your efforts improve your odds of success) and making connections (over memorizing steps) is more important. 

Interesting Article, "Can math problems trigger physical sense of threat?"

Hello All!

I came across this article about a study that says, "for the math-phobic, numbers pose threat of pain"!  This is interesting considering that many of our learners are math-phobic.  As instructors, how do you deal with mathphodias? And if this study is correct, what are some instructional implications knowing that learners with mathphodia feel physically harmed when faced with math problems?

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