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math education

I've got a little project going...

I found out about Open Educational Resources -- " free and openly licensed educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research, and other purposes"  right here at LINCS. I was part of several projects, creating and curating OER for Math.

  I think it's time to scale up!   

Powerpoint Math LEssons wins me a Surface Pro 2

   It's "official" -- there was a twitter contest for the "#WorkWonders" initiative that Microsoft is doing, and I submitted a picture from   (the "wholes and parts and areas" lesson I happened to be working on when I found out about the contest on Twitter) and mine was picked for the winner!   (I don't think there were many entries; there was a 1-week window...) 

Problem of the Week - #2

Hello again!

Here is a new problem that you may use in your classrooms as a way to engage and have fun in your math classroom.  Please feel free to post any feedback you receive from your learners or any interesting classroom outcomes that happen when you do use this problem in your classrooms.  Here is the problem:  

Problem of the Week

Hello All!

As a community of practice, I am sure that several of you struggle to find engaging, fun, and high-quality math material.  Therefore, I will be posting a problem each week that we can discuss and that you may then use in your classrooms.  Please feel free to also post any feedback you receive from your learners or any interesting classroom outcomes.  Here is this week's problem:

Using simple interest answer the following question and explain your results.

Debate about algebra II for all continues

Hello All!

I came across an article that discusses the need to teach algebra II as a graduation requirement.  Some states are considering removing it, whilst others are making it required.  As we look forward to GED 2014 and the College and Career Readiness standards, what are your thoughts about students who are not college bound understanding algebra II and above concepts?  Is it a roadblock for student success?

Teaching for understanding or learning by memorizing?

Here is a news story about, "Reinventing Math Class", although it focuses on 3rd through 5th grades I believe it is relevant to adult education.  Are you an instructor that teaches for understanding or that teaches concepts by showing procedures only?  Like many of you, I struggle with teaching just what the learner needs to pass the GED Exam, make an educational gain, or move up a math level; but I also want my learners to remember what I am teaching them, too.  Teaching for understanding can take a bit more time instructionally because learners need that time to explore, develop, and refl

Remedial Math MOOC      - article about a "MOOC" geared at remedial math.   I'd love to know more... unfortunately comments are limited to subscribers.   I'd love to know how the 37 of 38 folks who passed the placement test actuallydid in math afterward, and what the focus of the course was, a nd how the participants were selected, and...

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