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Register now for Open Math-Open Resources online course

The LINCS Region 1 Professional Development Center is hosting the facilitated online course, Open Math-Open Resources. This course is FREE, but we ask that only participants who are willing to complete this intensive course register. Registration is limited to 16 participants.

Math Photo of the Day

Hello All! 

I came across this article about a really cool way to engage learners in finding math around them.  It is called the #mathphotoaday challenge.  The instructor creates a calendar with different math prompts and learners photograph and share it.  I think this is a great idea!

Here is a link to the article and to the the twitter feed:


Turkey and Math: Both on the Menu for Thanksgiving!

If you are looking for something for next week's short week that relates to Turkey and Math, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics might have just the thing!  There are several lessons at all levels that would be a bit of a twist for the upcoming holiday week.  If you use one of these lessons please post which one you did, anything interesting that you observed, and how the learners felt about the lesson, etc.

Problem of the Week - #2

Hello again!

Here is a new problem that you may use in your classrooms as a way to engage and have fun in your math classroom.  Please feel free to post any feedback you receive from your learners or any interesting classroom outcomes that happen when you do use this problem in your classrooms.  Here is the problem:  

Problem of the Week

Hello All!

As a community of practice, I am sure that several of you struggle to find engaging, fun, and high-quality math material.  Therefore, I will be posting a problem each week that we can discuss and that you may then use in your classrooms.  Please feel free to also post any feedback you receive from your learners or any interesting classroom outcomes.  Here is this week's problem:

Using simple interest answer the following question and explain your results.

Should all high school students take Algebra II? If no, how will that effect Adult Education

Hello All!

I came across this article today about Texas Lawmakers are currently debating whether to require students to take Algebra II.  Some believe there should be an opt-out option for students who will not be attending college but instead will be going into a vocational or certificate program.  Click here to read the article and let me know your thoughts.


Brooke Istas

Teaching for understanding or learning by memorizing?

Here is a news story about, "Reinventing Math Class", although it focuses on 3rd through 5th grades I believe it is relevant to adult education.  Are you an instructor that teaches for understanding or that teaches concepts by showing procedures only?  Like many of you, I struggle with teaching just what the learner needs to pass the GED Exam, make an educational gain, or move up a math level; but I also want my learners to remember what I am teaching them, too.  Teaching for understanding can take a bit more time instructionally because learners need that time to explore, develop, and refl

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