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mental health

May is Mental Health Month


May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As adult education and literacy service providers, we often connect individuals to the community mental health literacy resources needed. This resource guide might offer some information and strategies to help in the classroom. There are suggestions for supporting learners with mental health issues, information on specific disorders, and resources /handouts for learners.

How do you address the mental health issues in the classroom? 

A Mental Health Guide for Adult Literacy Facilitators


We are again having national discussions about mental health and access to services. As adult education and literacy service providers, we are often on the front line - connecting individuals to the health literacy resources they need. We are also aware of the lack of resources that may be available in our communities.

Teaching 13 Reasons Why


I read Jay Asher's YA book 13 Reasons Why about 2 years ago. It's a story about a young girl who commits suicide and her friend who tries to find out why. While the story deals with very difficult mental health topics, Netflix has created the next bing watching experience. Since it's launch two weeks ago, 13 Reasons Why has taken Netflix, and the Internet, by storm. This popularity provides educators with a wealth of teaching strategies and connections.

Webinar for Social Security Disability Beneficiaries Interested in Going Back to Work

  • Date: 
    Wednesday, May 25, 2016 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
    Online webinar

“Ticket to Work for People with a Mental Illness: Support on Your Journey to Employment” is being presented on May 25, 2016. Register for this webinar if you receive Social Security disability benefits, and want to learn about going back to work or getting a job for the first time.

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Upcoming discussion: Adults with disabilities, awareness, and accommodations

Dear Postsecondary Completion and Health Literacy Colleagues:

I want to alert you to an upcoming discussion taking place in the Disabilities in Adult Education group.  If you do not belong to the group, simply go to the Groups tab above and select the Disabilities in Adult Education.  Remember to subscribe to Immediate, 12 Hour or 24 Hour Digest to follow the discussion via your email.  The discussion will be periodically summarized during the week in both the PS Completion and Health Literacy groups.

Help strengthen mental health benefits for low-income Americans

A proposed rule from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services would strengthen mental health and substance use disorder benefits for low-income Americans. The new rule would apply the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 to Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program so that those programs would be held to the same standards as private health plans.

Nation's largest mental health center

HI group members,

The following article was written by Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times.

The largest mental health center in America is a huge compound in Chicago, with thousands of people suffering from manias, psychoses and
other disorders, all surrounded by high fences and barbed wire.

Mental Health in Public Schools

School officials around the U.S. are searching for the best way to offer mental health services in an underfunded system.

"We have schools screening for all kinds of rare infectious diseases, and then we don't screen for common behavioral disorders that are costly to the individual, the family and society," said Mike Dennis, of Chestnut Health Systems. He teaches clinicians in 49 states how to assess and treat patients with mental illness and substance abuse.


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