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mental illness

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Mental Illness, Depression and Suicide

Hi group members,

I waited for quite a few days until posting this message due to the sensitivity of the topic.  After the passing of the great comedian and actor, Robin Williams, there has been much dialogue on the topic of mental illness and suicide.  Suicide is seldom a topic of honest discussion unless a significant loss of a public figure occurs.

Mental Health: What’s normal, what’s not

Hi group users,

Mental health issues are often barriers for students in adult education programs. This disability can keep our students from experiencing their greatest potential. For those of you who are not as knowledgeable about this topic, I am including some basic information below. .

What's the difference between mental health and mental illness? Sometimes the answer is clear, but often the distinction between mental health and mental illness isn't so obvious. 

Mental Illness Terminology


Hi group members,


For those of you who have students/clients with mental illness, the following may be of interest to you.  For others, it has some good basic information.

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