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Mentoring as a component for reentry

I invite you to explore the following resource: Mentoring as a Component of Reentry. The guide is comprehensive with example topics including:  

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Starting a new year with new teachers.

We are starting a new year and getting our class schedules and new teachers ready. Soon, students will be entering the classroom - eager to learn to read, build skills, gain employment, and even go to college. I invite you to read the article about how new teachers need a master's support.  The author, Tim Goral, says" new teachers are too often left to fend for themselves, without the benefit of an artisan-apprentice relationship." 

The Importance of Mentors

(1/28/2015  Note:  The links to the resources and publications have been updated.)

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New Report: The Mentoring Effect: Young People's Perspectives on the Outcomes and Availability of Mentoring

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Have you used mentoring in your programs in working with youth?  A new report has been released, The Mentoring Effect: Young People's Perspective on the Outcomes and Availability of Mentoring.  An excerpt from the report:

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