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multiple means of engagement

Total Participation Techniques -- Follow up Discussion

Hello colleagues, First of all I want to thank Becky Shiring and Sheryl Sherwin from Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School for presenting today's webinar "Total Participation Techniques for Cognitive Engagement in the ESL Classroom" -- TPTs. They shared a great many effective teaching ideas and strategies for engaging ALL students in higher order thinking. As a follow up to the video, Becky and Sheryl will be leading us in a discussion to deepen the conversation and involve our members. I'm looking forward to a rich and lively discussion this week!

Universal Design for Learning

As part of our discussion on screening and assessments for students who  have learning difficulties, some of which may rise to the level of a disability, I recently wrote that screeenings, which many of us seem to use, can confirm deficits to learning. And from that information we can design teaching methods that will assist our students to be more efficient learners. These teaching techniques often fall into the category of Universal Design for Learning.  [UDL]

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